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Global Policy Report

The Food System Economics Commission (FSEC) has brought together leading experts to develop a unique economic model that maps for the first time the impacts of two possible futures for the global food system: our Current Trends pathway, and the Food System Transformation pathway.


Why it matters

Food systems – what do they cost us today? What benefits could they bring? How do we make change happen? The new FSEC Global Policy Report brings together world-leading economic experts to answer these crucial questions.


Who we are

The Food System Economics Commission (FSEC) is an independent academic commission set up to equip political and economic decision-makers with tools and evidence to shift food and land-use systems towards healthy, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable futures.


The Hidden Costs of Food

accumulated since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2016

The counter shows the accumulated hidden costs of our current food systems since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2016, taking into account greenhouse gas emissions, blue water use, land use conversion, nitrogen emissions, undernourishment, poverty, and unhealthy diets.

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