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Format: Virtual event
Date: Friday, 20 October 2023
Time: 11:30-12:30 CST | 18:30-19:30 CEST
Location: Zoom

How can policy innovation curb the trillions of dollars every year that the world loses on the hidden costs of the food system and put it on a more sustainable and resilient path?

Join us and the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame, to hear inspiring findings from FSEC’s research on how policy innovation can pave the way towards an inclusive, health-enhancing, and environmentally sustainable food system.

A panel of experts will discuss how policy innovation can strengthen opportunities for people working in the food system, build resilience, ensure healthy diets and highlight stories of transformative solutions.

Sir David Nabarro, Strategic Director, 4SD Foundation; Co-Director, Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London

Paul Winters, Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Global Affairs and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Keough School of Global Affairs of University of Notre Dame
Ravi Kanbur, T.H. Lee Professor of World Affairs, International Professor of Applied Economics, and Professor of Economics, Cornell University
Rachel Nugent, Senior Technical Advisor, RTI Center for Global Noncommunicable Diseases
Becca Jablonski, Co-Director of the Food Systems Institute, Colorado State University; and Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Food System Economics Commission
Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame

Woman Picking Plant on Field. Photo:DoDo PHANTHAMALY / Pexels

The Hidden Costs of Food

accumulated since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2016

The counter shows the accumulated hidden costs of our current food systems since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2016, taking into account greenhouse gas emissions, blue water use, land use conversion, nitrogen emissions, undernourishment, poverty, and unhealthy diets.

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